You’re here at Bounce Street Asia to have fun, and we’re here to make sure you do so without any unwanted interruptions. That’s why we’ve created this set of rules for your safety. 


General Rules

Dos before You Begin Bouncing

  1.       Do wear the right wristband and the grip socks provided to you by Bounce Street. This is compulsory.
  2.       Do empty your pockets before you jump.


Don’ts before You Begin Bouncing

  1.       Do not carry phones, cameras or other hand-held devices in the arenas.
  2.       Do not wear clothing with sharp or protruding objects while in the arenas.
  3.       Do not place any object or eatables in your mouth.
  4.       Do not jump if you are pregnant, have any injuries or are limited by health restrictions.


Dos When You Are Bouncing

  1.       Do watch out for other jumpers at all times.
  2.       Do follow the trainer's rules and directions.


Don’ts When You Are Bouncing

  1.       Do not land on your head or neck.
  2.       Do not disrupt a fellow bouncer’s activity in any way.
  3.       Do not try any activities outside your skill levels.
  4.       Do not sit idly or rest on the trampolines.
  5.       Do not jump or land on the paddings.
  6.       Do not climb or hang on the nets.
  7.       Do not push, run or play rough.
  8.       Do not carry food or drinks in the court.
  9.       Do not jump if the trainer isn’t present.


Safety Rules – Wall Climbing

Wall climbing activities are carried out at a height and could be potentially dangerous if you don’t follow these essential rules.

Dos before you climb

  1.       Do wear grip socks when climbing. Thongs or open footwear are not allowed.
  2.       Do wait for the trainer to direct and instruct you when in the climbing area.
  3.       Do remember that no participant under 6 years of age can climb the wall without the supervision of an instructor.
  4.       Do climb only when you are instructed.
  5.       Do check for the previous climber before you begin climbing.
  6.       Do report to the management or staff if you see anyone damaging the climbing gear.


Don’ts before you climb

  1.       Do not damage the climbing equipment in any way.
  2.       Do not leave your hair untied, especially if you have long hair.
  3.       Do not keep any jewellery, watches, rings or keys with you when climbing. It could cause injury.
  4.       Do not participate in the climb if you are intoxicated in any way.
  5.       Do not distract other climbers.


Dos while descending from the wall

  1.       Do keep your feet apart for stability and balance.
  2.       Do consider the presence of the people on ground while descending.
  3.       Do keep your distance from the wall if you’re done climbing or you’re not climbing.


Dos for Dodgeball

  1.      Do remember that each team has a max for 6 players.
  2.      Do follow the referee’s call as it is the final one.


Don’ts for Dodgeball

  1.      Do not use your hand or body to deflect a ball thrown at you. You can only use the ball in your hand to deflect such a move.
  2.      Do not linger on the court once you’re out.


You are out, when:

(A ‘live ball’ is a ball that has been thrown and not touched anything.)

  1.      You get hit by a ‘live ball’
  2.      The ‘live ball’ you throw is caught before it touches the wall or ground.
  3.      The ‘live ball’ you throw hits someone in the head.
  4.      You enter or cross the neutral zone.
  5.      You end up holding the ball for longer than 10 seconds. 


Safety Rules – Aero Ball

Dos for Aero Ball

  1.       Do remember that only one person is allowed per section.
  2.       Do stretch and loosen up your muscles before you begin playing.
  3.       Do stay in the middle of the trampoline and limit the height of your jumps in order to remain centred.

Don’ts for Aero Ball

  1.       Do not use the aero ball quad without supervision.
  2.       Do not eat or chew any kind of eatables including gum when in the quad.
  3.       Do not sit on the edge of the quad when it’s being used.
  4.       Do not hang or use as leverage the bars, nets or any part of the structure.
  5.       Do not try any moves, tricks or stunts at the aero ball quad. 



Safety Rules – Foam Pit

Dos at the Foam Pit

  1.       Do remember to be in control and land on your feet, back or bottom.
  2.       Do wait for the previous jumper to get out of the foam pit before you jump into it.


Don’ts at the Foam Pit

  1.       Do not dive head first into the foam pit.
  2.       Do not linger idly or throw the foam cubes around.


Safety Rules – Bounce Bag

Dos at the Bounce Bag

  1.       Do wait for the previous jumper to get off the bag completely.
  2.       Do make sure you always land on your feet, back or bottom.
  3.       Do exit the bag from the side and never from the back towards the platform.


Don’ts at the Bounce Bag

  1.       Do not land on your head or neck.
  2.       Do not tamper with the air bag.


NOTE: There’s always a risk of injury when you perform tricks and flips on the trampoline. All jumpers must follow the rules and guidelines and then perform these stunts at their own risk. Also, remember to never try out activities beyond your skill level.

Bounce Street is an exciting place to hang out but we take safety measures seriously. If you misbehave or do not follow the rules, our staff can ask you to exit the park immediately. If you’re a repeated offender, you can be banned from entering the park for a certain period or permanently too. Bad behaviour and failure to obey the staff can also push us to take serious measures and involve the law. We want everyone to have a pleasant and safe experience and that’s why we won’t tolerate any kind of misconduct.